About Us

The Zombie Social Club is a brand that uses Web3 in the popular game engine Unity to give projects that are 2D or 3D custom playable characters and worlds that are interactive, immersive and completely customisable and connected directly to other thriving, reputable and innovative projects and communities within our eco-system.

The ZSC team roots are technology, gaming, music and art so what’s important to us whilst building the Multiverse for everyone is that social quality of life is so thought after to ensure that our communities and new users have an amazing experience whatever you may be doing in the multiverse. Use voice and text chat, dance, emote, flex your NFT’s… attend daily events, secure limited edition avatars, obtain avatar upgrades, be involved with consistent partner/project integrations and so much more.  Become a member or founder in our super community and help us lead the web3 revolution.

United Kingdom

Why build with zsc?

The ZSC Multiverse is a solution for projects that are wanting to fully powerup to web3 and provide significant ownership value & utility, such as; playable 3D NFT’s, interactive minting, staking, immersive games, LIVE events, music, fashion shows, social events, private events, holder competitions and what we believe to be the most powerful utility so far, the opportunity to connect with other members, founders and innovators in the Web3 arena, that are already leading the trend, now with you, in our Multiverse.

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