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the start of the zombie social club


During the technological transition to Web3, a team of Blockchain developers, Musicians, Artists and Tech innovators miscalculated a few things, causing an astral ‘shift’, which resulted in them and 9,000 others being stuck in a looping, zombified Multiverse called the Zombie Social Club, or the ZSC, which runs parallel to the mainstream world of Web3.

The team have established a home in this chaotic dimension but long to return on their path from the new found apocalypse, to a familiar Multiverse, and since the incident in February 2022, all resources and efforts from the ZSC has been focused on doing just that. Working tirelessly, the team has nearly finished building the astral bridge, and a synthetic Zerum so that once all of the zombies are contained, their souls can be restored and the population can shift back to the mainstream world of Web3. 

The ZSC’s first outbreak ‘MaleZ’, now temporarily reside in a state of somnolence as 3,000 NFT’s on the Ethereum blockchain, which is carefully contained by 1,000+ holders. The MaleZ have two different types, the ALPHA’s and the BETA’s and as we saw the genesis, ALPHA zombies evolve into the BETA’s, there was a constant fear and one that has come to light, that this was only the beginning of the contagion, and a new wave of the ZSC Virus will incubate and continue to infect the remaining 6,000 of the population.

 Right now in the ZSC Multiverse, The newer variant FemaleZ has been slowly evolving, and for those that have been contained, experts advise they are full 3D, Multiverse ready, animated NFT’s. The mission remains the same and now more than ever, we have to work together to contain the remaining 5,000+ FemaleZ and transcend all zombies back into the Multiverse.



Our Multiverse will be packed with immersive activities like Virtual Reality bowling, snooker, concerts, fashion shows, music festivals and more. 

Explore, socialise and earn by gaining lifetime access to the ZSC Multiverse buy owning a Zombie Social Club MaleZ or FemaleZ NFT.


Astral Bridge

The ZSC engineers have nearly finished building the bridge and transcendence is almost a go. Help the ZSC team contain the evolving FemaleZ horde and prepare to shift with us into an alternate, immersive Multiverse filled with lifetime rewards, perks, partnerships and value. 

Shift capacity is 9,000 souls and if our mathematics serves us well (this time), each Zombie will morph between their zombie-state from the shift dimension, and a new celestial type being in our newly forged, immersive, social and interactive Multiverse in the mainstream Web3 dimension.

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If you’d like to understand our infrastructure, simply clone the Moralis SDK.